Equestrian Vehicles

Itchy Feet can now supply high quality specialist horsebox and horse transportation vehicles in the UK. Our network of suppliers can bring you the very best in quality equestrian transportation vehicles and services. Horseboxes can be tailor made to suit your specific needs and requirements. Designed from the very best components available, our equestrian vehicles are handcrafted by a team of handpicked experts so as to ensure that the needs of your horses and yourselves are fully met. They also come with various useful and unique options and can be adjusted by our expert teams per your specifications. Horses are people too… well, almost, and they are very sensitive creatures who need to be made to feel comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings. They deserve to travel in as much style and comfort as you do. If you’re relaxed, your horse will be relaxed too. If you’re stressed out, chances are your horse will be too. That’s why our horseboxes are so great. We understand this need, and if you’re taking part in equestrian events up and down the country, and even further afield, then our vehicles are great choices to ensure your journey is as safe and relaxed as can be. Our suppliers have outdone themselves to make sure your precious cargo is well taken care of. Rather than put your horse in a bumper-pull trailer, why not have it closer to you when you’re on the road?

The interiors are spacious and designed with your horses' comfort and safety in mind. Our horseboxes are miles ahead of any competition, thanks to their intelligent blend of technology and design. The engineering that went into creating these vehicles is quite astounding. Our supplier, realising that the market was poorly serviced by the competition, decided to rethink the entire approach to building quality horseboxes. The result, you will no doubt agree, allows you to customise and adjust your vehicle with ease. What's more, all models come equipped with cruise control, CCTV (for reversing), and much, much more. Light years ahead of simple trailers, in terms of comfort, safety, and technology, these vehicles fill multiple needs in one go.

The side doors of our models are designed to make loading and offloading your steed very practical and easy. There are also various storage compartment, very neatly tucked away, for all the equipment you might need to take along with you. These innovative vehicles are a tad smaller than the ones suppliers is in the habit of manufacturing, making them very practical and responding to a very specific need the rest of the market has thus far completely failed to adequately address; they are perfect for transporting your prize stallion. It is truly amazing what they’ve managed to pack into such a small space. They are so compact, in fact, that they will fit inside most stables. Together we hope to service this niche market in ways bigger brands could only dream of doing.

Whether you just need to take your horse down the road to your local Polo Club or whether you're planning a long journey for an important national or international competition or one of the many horse shows we cater for, we are able to put together something specifically suited to your needs and expectations. Dressage, show jumping, and equestrian games are just a few types of equestrian activities are clients have found our vehicles useful for. Our attentive and professional team of experts are here to help you make the right choices, so contact us today on 0345 504 5550 for further information and let’s work out together the best fit for you and your steed. We have a tremendous amount of experience catering for leading equestrian events all over the UK and in Europe, and we will be glad to share our insights and expert tips with you.