Gordon Shedden Takes The Crown

Date: 10th/11th October 2015

Gordon Shedden, racing for the Honda Yuasa Racing Team, has won the BTCC racing tournament for the second time! He has taken the crown for the 2015 edition of the British Touring Car Championship, with the finale taking place on 10th and 11th October, adding to his victory back in 2012.

Despite losing to Jason Plato in the finale, Shedden had enough points to be crowned victorious, after a difficult race, battling his way up from 19th place on the starting grid. Having crossed the finish line in 19th place in the second race, and not getting any points in the process, he needed to at the very least reach 6th place in the finale, a feat he achieved admirably, gaining ground early on and in a race which saw three safety car periods. What a day! It was truly riveting to watch Shedden skilfully pass car after car on his quest to make it to at least 6th place.

What a talented and determined driver! With the odds very much stacked against our genius and versatile Scotsman, he still managed to finish this epic race in 4th place, in his Civic Type R, behind the now legendary Jason Plato (who secured his 94th BTCC win), and Mat Jackson and Jack Goff, who came second and third respectively, with Honda teammate Matt Neal behind him in 6th place, securing the trophy for the second time in his illustrious career. He finishes the championship with 348 points, just four points ahead of Jason Plato’s 344 points, with Matt Neal in third place at 317 points, ahead of the previous champion, Colin Turkington. A good year for Honda indeed! Jason Plato was not to be underestimated on this circuit, as he is the current record holder for the fastest Qualifying Lap (1m31.214s) and the fastest Race Lap (1m32.619s) on the 2.3 mile circuit. It has also been an incredible year for his manufacturer, Honda, which also won the Manufacturers’ Trophy.

Here at Itchy Feet, we are very proud of the drivers we have sponsored this season, and would like to offer them our heartfelt congratulations. This year, we sponsored Gordon Shedden and other drivers including Andy Jordan, Nicolas Hamilton and Hunter Abbott. Shedden could be seen on the podium at the end of the race, arms in the air, celebrating his win. He is living proof of Scotland’s ability to produce world class drivers (Scotland currently ranks 5 worldwide in terms of best racing drivers!), and treated us to a thrilling end to the season, only just snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. We are keenly looking forward to the next edition in 2016, which will have to be truly tremendous to even begin to live up to the high expectations generated by this absolutely legendary edition of one of Britain’s most interesting and thrilling motor sports.