Buyers Guide

Importing Winnebagos


Here at Itchy Feet, we pride ourselves that when choosing Motorhomes from America, we choose the styles, colours and the flexibility in design, to suit all tastes. Nine times out of ten we have the vehicles here to suit the majority of purchasers.

IMPORTING YOUR AMERICAN MOTORHOME However, some people wish to purchase their RV in America and tour with it before bringing it back to the UK. Again Itchy Feet are renowned for our purchasing power in America, helping to register vehicles there and then handling the vehicle for shipment back to the UK several months later.

Our expert teams both here and in America will ensure a safe passage, should you choose to take this route.

All of our stocked Winnebago's, RV's and Motorhomes at our Northampton Showrooms have undergone importation, UKinspection and pre-registration making them ready to drive away within hours. We would always recommend that you purchase your American Motorhome from a reputable Dealer where possible.

However, if you are unable to find the exact Motorhome you are looking for amidst our stock then at Itchy Feet we can source your dream RV for you from one of our many US associates. We have set up RVFinder Online to initiate this process.

Through this route Itchy Feet will purchase, import and expertly convert your RV for you, taking all the stress away from the purchase.

For further information, please consult with one of our sales team.