IMGold Manx Grand Prix

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Isle of Man


TBC 2016


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Event Information:

Credited by some as the greatest and most challenging motorcycle course in the world and a rite of passage during which legends are born, the IMGold Manx Grand Prix will be taking place on the idyllic Isle of Man from 22nd August to 4th September. The Mountain Course is primarily designed for the riders, and what a ride! A tap on the shoulder and you’re off, cruising at any speed you like for an hour and a half. With a history going back ninety (!) years, the IMGold Manx Grand Prix first started as a race for amateurs. With its first race starting in 1923, and taking only a short break during World War II, this circuit truly is one of legend and has garnered a reputation as a rather dangerous one, but oh so thrilling and rewarding.

With loads of great races like the Junior MGP, the Senior MGP, the Supertwin, the Newcomers Class A, the Lightweight and more, this year will be an adrenaline packed show that will see any motorcycle professional and enthusiast delighted to take part or witness the prowess of these highly skilled riders, each eager to test their mettle. With over 70 newcomers this year, the competition for the top spots will be fierce indeed. With seasoned competitors including Andy Farrell, Andy Fenton, Glenn Harrison, Jamie Hodson, Keith McKay, Kevin Murphy, Sarah Boyes, Steve Beal and Tim Devlin, not to mention newcomers such as Frédéric Besnard, Lancelot Unissart, Michael Watt and Paul Hedison, the stakes are high for those top spots.

We at ItchyFeet are so very proud to be able to offer unique and exclusive packages and deals for this great event, including a vast and complete array of American Motorhomes and RVs for hire. If you’re taking part and are looking for peace of mind, we are the people you need to be talking to, as our professional and dedicated team can take care of all of the logistical challenges surrounding the event, leaving you absolutely free to focus on the race. If you’re interested in attending as a spectator and are looking for something to make the trip to the Isle of Man just a little bit more special, then we are also the people you should be talking to, as we can get you set up with all the amenities you could wish for, including TVs with cable, internet connections, stocked fridges and laundry, and much, much more. Why waste time and energy on checking in and out of places when you can just have everything you could need in one place? Not only are we highly specialised and seasoned when it comes to the racing industry, if you’re planning on seeing the sites as well during your trip, of which the Isle of Man boasts a very many, then surely you would want to have one base of operations which you can easily take with you rather than checking in and out every time you decide to go and see something new! Waste no time in getting in touch with us so that we can help you with your plans to the best of our abilitiy.

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