The Leisure-Trek is a cut above the rest. Based on a Peugeot Extra Long Wheelbase chassis that allows for ample room inside the vehicle, this hand crafted, premium Van Conversion has a lot to show for itself, including features such as tastefully colourful fine leather seating, high quality satin or gloss interior finishing, providing you with the ultimate in style and comfort for your Motorhome.

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Britain's first 3.5t coach built Motorhome models come with a slide-out side and are very affordable given their extensive features. These models are based on an AL-KO chassis and a Peugeot Boxer 2.2HDi 150bhp. Depending on the model, you can store bikes and scooters, experience their great sunroofs, and live a life of luxury with their high quality wood interiors.

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The Euro-Treka I range comes with four possible designs and various slide-out side possibilities (depending on the model). Whether you're planning a short break or a long trip, this model has a roomy and tasteful feel. These models are great homes away from home, their sleek and tasteful interiors providing you with all the comforts and space you could ever want.

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The Euro-Treka II range offers 6 versatile design combinations with the added bonus of being able to choose from two slide-out sides (depending on the model). This Motorhome really is designed for long, country-wide trips. The interior is well-lit, with lots of room and an ideal feel for both long and short trips away. Furthermore, you can tailor the interior to suit your specific tastes and styles, with many wood finishes and furniture design options to choose from.

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