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Who choose a Winnebago Motorhome


Winnebago, a name synonymous with the American Motorhome commonly known as Winnebago, RV or ARV is actually a brand name similar to that of Ford, the brand in question Winnebago Industries. These vehicles have been in enjoyed in America for many years and have brought many American families years of pleasure. Winnebago Industries was one of the first companies to manufacture a caravan and very quickly found a very lucrative market, this market then developed into putting a caravan body onto a four wheel truck and has so on evolved until today the Winnebago is a fantastic, luxurious motorhome that can be seen on every American highway. From Winnebago many companies joined the market place and from this many other famous names have been introduced such as Damon, Monaco, Fleetwood, Fourwinds, American Coach, and Tiffin to the ultimate and the world's most refined motorhome Country Coach.

THE HISTORY OF WINNEBAGO MOTORHOMES For this side of the pond our fascination started around the early 70's and has since grown seriously into the leisure world and the motorsport fraternity. The Winnebago and its other names American Motorhome and Recreational Vehicle or RV for short have also been made famous in the UK via films starring Robert De Niro and Meet the Fockers, Jack Nicholson's About Smidt, and most recently Robin Williams and RV. Every time a new film is made based around the Winnebago, UK sales rocket and this is because people realise the amount of internal space that an American Motorhome brings compared to traditional European Motorhome models.

This large internal space is all brought about by the inclusion of slide-outs and in the early 90’s the American Motorhome started with one slide out and by year 2002 were developing four or quad slides, the very latest Winnebago's come equipped of course with the full wall slide. Which in simple terms extends the entire side of a motorhome outwards by approx 3 feet and up to 30 feet long.

Winnebago's for sale or hire are generally equipped to the highest standards of luxury. All Winnebago's come complete with amazing kitchens, fantastic lounges, exquisite bedrooms, and up to 46 inch TV screens, standard equipment includes on board generators, air conditioning, massive water tanks, in-built LPG tanks and of course outside entertainment areas, awnings and even speaker systems and external televisions!


Motorhomes began in the 1920s, when the horse gave way to the car. Early efforts by coachbuilders to design a motorhome were not well thought out and subsequently first attempts failed. In the 1930s, Bertram Hutching's attempted to bring together his touring caravan and a car which resulted in a model that proved very unpopular and cast doubt over future projects. Eventually a company called Jennings produced a pioneering forerunner to the motorhomes of today, which brought about a motorhome body mounted on a normal car chassis.

The popularity of motorhomes took off in the UK during the 1950s. Van owners needed to transport themselves and the tools of their trade during the week. At weekends, the vehicle was used recreationally, including fishing trips and scenic weekends away. These needs led to many adaptations to the interior design of the vehicles, including seats that folded down and turn into a bed. The earlier models had few creature comforts, but led to much better equipped versions as the decades passed.

Today, British and European motorhomes are designed and equipped with full timing in mind, with some of the latest manufacturers now incorporating expansion rooms just like those of the American motorhomes, thus giving you the comfort of space whilst allowing you to travel a little further into the wilderness without the fear of restrictions.