Why Our Clients Love us

“We had a really great time, mainly because your team was so helpful and thoughtful. What a great level of service! I will be recommending ItchyFeet to my friends.” - Paul, London

“It rained a lot, which was a shame, but luckily this RV was really excellent. We had a lot of fun with the children just passing the time in the RV! We were really impressed with the quality of the vehicle. When you say they come with all sorts of amenities, you really mean it!” - Claire, Somerset

“This is hands down the best Winnebago we have ever hired, and from such a kind and professional team. We will definitely be doing this again!”- Adam, Berkshire

“This was almost too much fun! There were so many gadgets and things to discover about the RV that we almost forgot to go sightseeing!” - Jonathan, Birmingham

“Your team were very patient and professional and showed me how everything works. This really was an amazing experience, although now my wife wants us to buy one!” - David, Shropshire

“The festival was so much better in one of your RVs than without one last year. We could see the stage from it, so we had parties at the RV and barbecues, it was great!” - Emily, Kent

“Wow! We felt like celebrities or something. Staying in one of these is so much better than staying in a hotel. Waking up in the middle of nature every morning, but with all the things from home we needed was a really great experience. This was perfect for me, as I was looking for a way of taking a break, but I do also need to be reachable from work at any time, so the broadband connection was a big plus!”- Emma, Devon

“I really enjoyed hiring an RV from ItchyFeet. The other people in one at the race were really nice and shared loads of tips. It made the whole experience completely different, and I’ve been coming here for years.” - Dave, Derby

“The RV was huge! My friends were worried there wouldn’t be enough room for everyone, but it was so big and spacious! We had a great time! Thanks for making this possible!” - Meghan, Lanarkshire

“You guys are the best! You were able to help us out on really short notice, everything we asked for you made sure was there before the day. The RV was stocked with loads of little extras, and we didn’t even have to do anything. Everything was set up when we got there, and afterwards, your team took care of everything. So professional!” - Guy, Whatford

“I have been hiring RVs for years and have tried many different companies over the years, and ItchyFeet are the most organised, courteous, on the level, and charming I have come across so far. You are now my go to people for RVs. I highly recommend ItchyFeet to anyone thinking of hiring an RV.”- Michael, London